About Us

NEGOTIATE4U.IN, powered by The NeoFusion India (TNI), is a platform that helps customers purchase products & services at the best available price in the market. It uses Humanoid Intelligence to understand our customers' exact requirements and negotiates the best price from retailers near you.               

Our skillful team of Negotiators, that has been trained after years of research on Market Intelligence, works with only one motto- saving our customers' money by connecting customers with retailers that offer cost-effective schemes which aren't available to them otherwise

We have developed a vast network of Dealers & Retailers that helps us negotiate the best prices for your required products or services. Therefore, we work on the principles of transparency and trust. Here's what our process looks like-
1.    We understand your requirement and suggest the best solution as per your requests.
2.    Upon receiving a confirmation from you, we negotiate the best price for your required commodity in your vicinity.
3.    Additionally, we assist you in scheduling your visit at the store to help make your experience as pleasant as possible.
Therefore, local retailers appreciate and support negotiate4u.in a tool that has given them a fighting chance against online platforms.

One of the most appealing factors of negotiate4u remains to be the cost- which is completely free! You aren't required to pay anything to use its services, although, you can sponsor a coffee for our hardworking team by your generous donation!


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